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Speakers: Ask for your stage needs!

Stage needs: Just ask!My friend complained that she didn’t get a mic for her talk.  As the speaker, you can ask for anything you need on stage:  lapel microphone, projector and screen, table for props, table to sell you products. ASK!

And tell the audio guy to turn your mic up as soon as they say your name so you can say, “Thank you”, on the way to the stage.  Start Strong with a big point or question!

While you’re at it, tell them you do not speak from a lectern. Ask them to push it aside. When you get out from behind the lectern, it lets you add visual rhythm to your speech, to go along with the audio rhythm.

I like to have my computer out in front of me. Ask if there will be a confidence monitor. If the answer is NO, tell them you want your computer on a table in front of you. Advise them that this often takes a longer cable run.

I have videos in all my presentations. If you do, be sure to ask for an audio cable, if projector requires this.

Once you have all your stage needs looked after, get out there and tell your story!

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