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Get On TV. It all starts with a little preparation.

Get On TVIt sounds like a long shot that you might get on TV, doesn’t it? It is, but be patient. Start with a little preparation.

The “Know Somebody” Door

Knowing somebody is the easiest way to get your idea on a TV segment.

A singing quartet – The Doo Wop Cops – made it to air because I met them at a golf tournament and told my week-end producer about them.

A group of line dancers were successful in a bid to get on TV because they hooked up with a favorite charity.

A man who wrote a not-so-famous kids’ book got a short segment because he was once the subject of a golf club collecting story. He called the producer again and got on.

Could you possibly have even a remote connection to anyone in that TV station? That’s your first point of contact.

6 Degrees of Separation

If you don’t know someone personally, think about all the people you do know.

Who, in your circles, is most likely to play tennis or share car pool duties with a producer or an underling at the assignment desk?

Which of your friends is involved in charities where TV celebrities served as host or emcee?

Who has mentioned someone they know at a station, in your past? Think hard. The “know somebody” even “in passing” door is easier than starting from scratch.

If you do get on TV, and you’re facing more than one camera, check out my multi-camera tutorial to look your best!

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