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Be a Better Speaker: Improve your performance on the stage and in the boardroom

Be a better speakerAlways remember, public speaking is the fastest way to grow your business. And you can be a better speaker – on the stage or in the boardroom – by making small changes.

Speaking with more power in your office is the fastest way to impact your team.

Speaking with more confidence when you talk to clients is the fastest way to make the sale.

And you don’t need a major overhaul to be a better speaker. You’ll be amazed at how MICROacts can MAXimize your impact.

Adding more body movement can take you up a notch.

Can you make eye contact with the audience a little longer? Look at one person to make a point. It will be an intimate moment for the whole audience.

Pace only with a purpose. Don’t pace back and forth or do any movements that draw attention away from your talk.

And get out from behind that lectern!


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November 30th, 2016


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