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Speaking to a bored audience? This might be why.

This is not the kind of audience we want to see when we speak at a convention.

A bored audience is on you!

And what about when we’re talking to our teams? Unengaged? Don’t care? That audience response is on us.

You can watch a full version of one of my speaker coaching videos here  but here are some highlights.

If we find ourselves in front of a bored audience, 9 times out of 10 it’s because we are not pumping out to our fullest potential.  You have to commit to the process of becoming a BOLD speaker.

On a scale of panicked to exhilarated, where are you when you’re asked to speak?

Whether you’re a polished presenter looking for a quick shine-up or a seasoned pro long on experience but a little short on speaking skills, a few small speak tweaks will net you much greater impact.

When you don’t have much proficiency as a speaker or when meeting people, they tend to avoid you and your sphere of influence is next to none – except maybe with your spouse or your cat.

When you get a little better at it your audiences start to accept what you’re saying.  They may not act, but at least they say ‘I get that’.

As you improve your proficiency even more you’ll see that you have a broad sphere of influence and people start to use what I call Aspire Language. They’re no longer a bored audience. They say, “I want that” or “I want to do that”. They pay attention.

And as you practice proficiency people start to act on what you say. They actually go out and do what you’re trying to teach them. Even senior leadership pays attention.

At the level of mastery – full proficiency – people who listen to you want to achieve their fullest potential. That’s when you become a thought leader.

How do you become a BOLD speaker? Follow a few speak tweaks. Small acts that maximize your impact.

Here are some of the best ways to improve your speaking proficiency so you’ll never face a bored audience:

Use visual rhythm when you speak and don’t suffer ‘death by lectern’.

Watch your body language. Stand up straight and learn what to do with your hands.

Develop sincere eye contact.

And stop saying Umm (or ER, or Y’know).

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November 30th, 2016


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The Bold Speaker