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Empowerment: The 3 Rs

The 3 Rs of EmpowermentWe all want to be “empowered”, but where do we start? We can break empowerment down into 3 easy-to-understand “R” Tweaks.


  • Look for the next option.
  • Jump at the next opportunity.
  • Welcome the next challenge.

YOU ARE YOUR OWN BOSS! Work from the center of your own ethic.


  • Become a champion of Plan B.
  • Think ADAPT and ADJUST all day.
  • Try mini-tests. Check. Try again.

Eliminate 2 words: “I can’t!”   Add 2 others: “I will!”. See what happens.


  • Walk boldly down YOUR path.
  • Muster courage at every turn.

Expect, Accept, and Small Step your way straight to the top.  Your MICRO actions will MAXimize your Impact and Influence.

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November 30th, 2016


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