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Be prepared for your interview!

Be prepared for your interview!Are you prepared for your interview?

You’re probably sitting there asking a very important question and that is, how do I know what kind of interviewer I’m going to get? Watch the video below to find out more about how to know your interviewer, make the most of your guest spot on TV, and get invited back.

If you know you have a guest spot on a certain television show, what are you going to do? Watch it every day. Record it and play it back, so you can see how the interviewers will interview you. And you always ask, “Who is going to be my interviewer?” so you are prepared.

No matter what kind of interviewer you get, I guarantee you that all you have is 10 to 15 seconds to answer their questions, or they interrupt and keep going without you.

So how much information can you put in 10 to 15 seconds? Plenty! Be prepared for your interview by practicing using the timer on your smart phone. And you answer your questions – don’t memorize them – but answer them over and over again and see if you can stop before the buzzer goes off. They’ll love you for it.

Sure, when you get the guest spot you want to just be yourself and be authentic. But you also want to be prepared and practiced. Every little sound bite should have buried in it a little line that’s retweetable, retainable, relatable and returnable! Something so good you get invited back.

To be even more prepared, check out my tips for dealing with different types of interviewers. And make sure you know what to wear!

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