Speaking to a bored audience? This might be why.

This is not the kind of audience we want to see when we speak at a convention. And what about when we’re talking to our teams? Unengaged? Don’t care? That audience response is on us. You can watch a full version of one of my speaker coaching videos here  but here are some highlights. If […]

5 BOLD Es To Generate Enthusiasm on the Job

If you generate enthusiasm among your employees you’ll cure the uninspired, unfocused, unwilling employee syndrome. After all, leaders are only as good as the messages they deliver to their teams. If you notice that your employees are not as motivated as you would like, or if your meetings are met with lackluster response, it could […]

November 30th, 2016


Don’t Ever Use A Famous Person’s Often Told Story
#TalkTip: #Storytime: You Will Be Boring! Find Out What To Do To Keep Your Audience’s Eyeballs Wide Open…

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