Body language matters!

You’ve probably heard that body language is important. But it really can make or break your speech! Berkeley’s Mehrabian study on likability: Word Choice – 7% Voice Tone – 38% Body Language – 55%! Your audience starts to judge you as soon as you stand up after your introduction.  They can make a split-second decision […]

Presentations: Put more power in your PowerPoint!

Make your presentations powerful! From preparation to closing, here are 20 ideas to help you shine. Airplane Each slide needs a take-off, a flight, and a landing.  Lead to the point, make the point, then transition to the next slide. Stories Make each slide tell a part of the story, using words, graphs and pictures.  […]

Speakers: Ask for your stage needs!

My friend complained that she didn’t get a mic for her talk.  As the speaker, you can ask for anything you need on stage:  lapel microphone, projector and screen, table for props, table to sell you products. ASK! And tell the audio guy to turn your mic up as soon as they say your name […]

Stop saying umm!

What happens if you can’t stop saying UMM while speaking? Researchers say that your audience thinks you are less intelligent than you really are, that you don’t know your material, and worst of all, that you didn’t prepare for the session. That’s a personal affront to an audience. So – what to do? SHUT YOUR […]

The bold speaker checklist: Is your talk making an impact?

A good speaker always knows the target audience’. But the great, BOLD speaker asks: Am I On-Target for the audience in front of me? Sports figures have it easy. They take home the trophy. Their performances go in a win-loss column. Some see “Unforced Error”  flashing on the scoreboard. Others watch that dreaded instant replay as soon as a mistake happens. […]

Today’s #TalkTip

#TalkTip:  Hands Practice Plan:  With every conversation you have, let your hands follow your words.

November 30th, 2016


Don’t Ever Use A Famous Person’s Often Told Story
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