A Small Town Start

Meet Jan

The Bold Speaker

Meet Jan

From little radish stealer to big time TV Emmy Winner

A small town start to big BOLD Washington, DC!

Jan’s career spans 30 years and four Emmys. She books speaking engagements all over the country and her client list is ever-growing. But who is this Jan Fox? Meet the woman whose charisma, charm, and decades of street cred started Fox Talks. This is the real Jan who loves helping people become the BOLD speakers they were meant to be! “I love watching their skin stretch – becoming ALL of who they really are. Their ventures simply grow exponentially.”


In The Beginning...

A small town start

Jan came from an old house in Shelbyville, Indiana, all the way to the White House, Hollywood, and TV, interviewing US Presidents, celebrities, and everyday heroes.

Fox Talks
Fox Fact

Jan already had three jobs at age 8: delivering the Indianapolis Star to her neighbors, sweeping out her uncle's shoe repair shop, and stealing radishes from her mother's garden, selling them in her neighborhood for extra candy money. Chocolate, to be exact!

First Real Job

Her first career job - a teacher - Marblehead, MA. A mentor spotted Jan's teaching skills and hired her to present a seminar. Lesley University grabbed her to direct the Outreach / Inservice Program for teachers.

Fox Fact

Jan used the employee discount to earn her Master's Degree in Humanistic Studies.

Turn In The Path - A Chance Encounter

A therapist asked Jan to come argue with a guy on ABC TV, so the shrink could show how to communicate better. WHOA! The station asked Jan to host the show while producers did a national search. Five years later, with double the ratings, Jan was still there. The First Emmy: Studio Talk Shows!

Fox Fact

Jan is living proof you don't need to go to journalism school to make it to the top in TV. Her only TV role model growing up? Lucy Ricardo (a.k.a. I Love Lucy!).

Down Parka & LL Bean Boots

Next, four-years as the 6&11pm anchor on the NBC station in Portland, ME. Jan helped the news ratings jump from # 2 to # 1, with a huge 51% market share! A Portland News Director recently said,“ Jan Fox is revered in Portland in perpetuity. She took the station from #2 to #1 in 1986, and we never looked back.”

Fox Fact

Wanna hear something funny? Jan won the Portland Press Herald's Best TV Anchor contest 3 years in a row. She won it AGAIN - a year AFTER she left!

Big Time - #7 TV Market Washington, DC WUSA TV

Jan landed a reporter / anchor job at the #1 TV station in DC. She covered every shift - hard news, feature stories, telethons, interviewing Presidents, and everyday heroes. She won 3 more Emmys, the National Consumer Affairs Reporter Award. She reported and anchored at WUSA 9 for 20 years! Until...

Fox Fact

Jan once called the Pope - "The POOP" on live TV! Her favorite interview: Dolly Parton. Most inspiring: Jimmy Carter. Funniest: Chevy Chase.

AH! Sweet Retirement - Nope!

"Retire" isn't in Jan's vocabulary. She "advanced" to Billy Casper Golf - the largest golf management company in the lower 48. Jan coached the management team to speak better. Free golf, even in 50 degrees!

"Jan's speaker training changed the culture of our company." CEO, Peter Hill

Great perks: a trip to the Masters and walking as an observer with Phil Michelson at the Bridgestone! Thank you, BCG!

Fox Fact

Jan has made 2 - that's 2 - holes-in-one. A 180 yard par 3 at Mystic Dunes and a 99 harder at Palm Aire resort. She talked about them on the air for two weeks. Enough already!

Big Problem: 2 Retirements and Yet Another Opportunity

Jan retired from BCG, but people kept asking her to speak and coach, so she put out the shingle: Fox Talks. She joined the National Speakers Association and went to work. Her client list includes the big ones: Accenture, Marriott, IBM, Verizon, and more, plus entrepreneur groups and rising stars. She's coached dozens of TEDx speakers and still counting.

Fox Fact

Jan was named NSA DC Chapter Member of the Year in 2012. She presented at the National Media Lab in NYC and at the 2016 NSA Annual Convention in Phoenix.

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November 30th, 2016


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