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“Since my arrival in DC, I have tried no less than 5 years to get on TV.  Within one month of meeting Jan Fox, I was on CBS!  She ROCKS!  Using her ideas, I’m now a regular on the ABC station!”, Dr. Omekongo Dibinga, International Speaker, Author, and Activist.

You have an idea, a project or a great business, but can’t get media attention. You think you would be a good spokesperson for a topic, but don’t get the call. You get the nod for a TV segment, but say, “Yikes! What do I do now?”

Sound familiar? You are not alone. 4X EMMY WINNER Jan Fox shows you how to Get on TV and what to do when you get there.

Find out how to get inside the TV producer’s head – FAST!
Learn how to create ready-made, easy-to-deliver segments.
Discover how to think out your eyeballs!  Find out why that’s so important.
Practice how to speak in 15-second retweetable, repeatable, retainable, returnable sound bites.
Learn how to train the host/interviewer to ask YOUR questions!
Discover how to dodge the “gotcha” questions and take control of the interview.
Find out how to dress, comb, and paint up for the lights and big cameras.

YOU ARE A 3D HUMAN. TV, YouTube, Periscope flatten you into a 2D image. The level of authenticity and passion you use in daily speaking, stays flat on video. The natural lift in your voice dulls. Your body stiffens. Jan shows you how to come to life on the screen.

  • Develop your own Persuade the Producer Plan
  • Think about what viewers would see
  • Figure out what props to bring to show or use
  • List graphics you could design to illustrate your points
  • Plan to tell stories in 4-5 sentences. Get to the point
  • Develop your Ready-Made Segment
  • Put something interesting that represents your topic into a box and deliver it to the station

Proof of Performance

4 TV Emmys and dozens of other media awards should be proof enough. Jan teaches you to think like a producer and watch like the viewers. She knows the inside scoop. Jan’s helped many entrepreneurs, authors, heroes, well-known speakers, and everyday people tell great stories on TV. She’ll help you tell yours, too, in very short order!

Jan’s BOLD GET ON TV Coaching System

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Jan shows you how to put your real life zest back in your marketing and how-to videos. Learn to barrel down the lens of that camera to talk directly to your viewers. They'll watch!

Why TV? If Social Media Is So Hot

Getting yourself on TV makes you the star when you walk into a room. It sets you apart from other people who do what you do. It can build your local business exponentially. It turns you into an instant expert. You might even become a thought leader. Do not walk out of the studio without leaving a follow-up segment in the producer's hand. Learn the art of the Internal TZ.

Your ON TV / Video Performance Practice

Jan knows the inside of the studio. She'll help you learn where to look and how to understand the camera angles. You'll find out what to do with your hands to keep them from becoming Dreaded Hangers. Since 55% of your likability factor is body language, she'll show you how to use ALL of it. She'll teach you how to be your biggest, fullest potential self to stay 3D human, without losing the real you. You will POP when the studio lights swing your way.

Not Everybody Makes It To Oprah

The great Jeffrey Hayzlett, Bloomberg TV and Author, says, "It's instant credibility." He says not to "poo poo local TV." You always come away with a logo and video for your website. Jan will show you how local stories make the national news feeds. She once saw her story on a boat captain's TV off the shore of Daufuskie Island. What? Yep, her DC story about car seat checks ended up on a national feed, showing in several states.

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