Presentations: Put more power in your PowerPoint!

Make your presentations powerful! From preparation to closing, here are 20 ideas to help you shine. Airplane Each slide needs a take-off, a flight, and a landing.  Lead to the point, make the point, then transition to the next slide. Stories Make each slide tell a part of the story, using words, graphs and pictures.  […]

TV Interview? What to Wear – and Not Wear

When you’re heading to a TV interview, you want to not only BE the expert on your subject, but LOOK like an expert. Right or wrong, we often make quick judgements about people based on how they look. Here’s some advice. Women:  Skip the moo-moo…and why your best jewelry might not work! Men: Watch those […]

November 30th, 2016


Don’t Ever Use A Famous Person’s Often Told Story
#TalkTip: #Storytime: You Will Be Boring! Find Out What To Do To Keep Your Audience’s Eyeballs Wide Open…

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