Get On TV. It all starts with a little preparation.

It sounds like a long shot that you might get on TV, doesn’t it? It is, but be patient. Start with a little preparation. The “Know Somebody” Door Knowing somebody is the easiest way to get your idea on a TV segment. A singing quartet – The Doo Wop Cops – made it to air […]

Speakers: Ask for your stage needs!

My friend complained that she didn’t get a mic for her talk.  As the speaker, you can ask for anything you need on stage:  lapel microphone, projector and screen, table for props, table to sell you products. ASK! And tell the audio guy to turn your mic up as soon as they say your name […]

November 30th, 2016


Don’t Ever Use A Famous Person’s Often Told Story
#TalkTip: #Storytime: You Will Be Boring! Find Out What To Do To Keep Your Audience’s Eyeballs Wide Open…

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