Be a Better Speaker: Improve your performance on the stage and in the boardroom

Always remember, public speaking is the fastest way to grow your business. And you can be a better speaker – on the stage or in the boardroom – by making small changes. Speaking with more power in your office is the fastest way to impact your team. Speaking with more confidence when you talk to […]

Break Your Habit of Script Holding and More Tips for Speakers

Relying on a script when you speak? It’s time to break the habit. Here are some tips for speakers to help get past the need to clutch a script. Key Word Sheets You know your topic.  You know the points you want to make.  You live your material. It takes careful and generous slicing and […]

November 30th, 2016


Don’t Ever Use A Famous Person’s Often Told Story
#TalkTip: #Storytime: You Will Be Boring! Find Out What To Do To Keep Your Audience’s Eyeballs Wide Open…

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