No Answer from a Prospect? Think Box, Basket, or Bag!

Old-time direct-mailing companies used to tell you to send “lumpy” mail, if you wanted a quick response from your prospects. “Send your info in a tube, or in a box with something that rattles, or in an envelope that clearly has a shape in it!” You were guaranteed to get a higher rate of return […]

Inspirational Speech

What does it take to deliver an inspirational speech? We all want to deliver an inspirational speech to our audience. To simply inform isn’t enough. It’s next to impossible to move an audience with bare facts. When you inspire your listeners, they start to remember and, more importantly, ACT on what you are saying. If […]

Overcome speaking jitters and get passionate!

Overcome your speaking jitters and make an impact!   Do you get speaking jitters? You’ve been asked to speak for a reason. You should feel anxious if you are called to do something you don’t know. Go ahead. Get nervous when you are asked to play a trombone solo. But when you have an opportunity […]

November 30th, 2016


Don’t Ever Use A Famous Person’s Often Told Story
#TalkTip: #Storytime: You Will Be Boring! Find Out What To Do To Keep Your Audience’s Eyeballs Wide Open…

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