The bold speaker checklist: Is your talk making an impact?

A good speaker always knows the target audience’. But the great, BOLD speaker asks: Am I On-Target for the audience in front of me? Sports figures have it easy. They take home the trophy. Their performances go in a win-loss column. Some see “Unforced Error”  flashing on the scoreboard. Others watch that dreaded instant replay as soon as a mistake happens. […]

Using your hands: Cure Dreaded Hanger Disease

Using your hands while speaking should look natural. Let your hands do their thing as they do when you are talking to a friend. You’ve seen many speakers who stand in one spot, behind a lectern bobbing their heads up and down to look at a script. Do we have to stand like a statue […]

Hope. As a speaker, it’s what you’re offering.

As a speaker, you are offering hope.  You are handing your viewers possibility. One speaker I know says that is the best gift you can give anyone – HOPE! By handing your audience hope and possibility, in a business sense, it means they will buy your product, donate to your cause, try your idea, buy […]

Visual Rhythm – Does Your Speech Use It?

Your word choice and what you say set up an Auditory Rhythm for your audiences to follow when you speak. Don’t let them settle into it. You want to make your Auditory Rhythm unpredictable – yell, smack your hands, whisper- anything to avoid what I call, “Listener Lull”. The talk you are delivering also shows […]

November 30th, 2016


Don’t Ever Use A Famous Person’s Often Told Story
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